The Battle Plan thus far

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The Battle Plan thus far Empty The Battle Plan thus far

Post  LinxHusky on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:10 pm

So Troops.

The plan thus far is to meet with the 5th Fur rangers in sydney a day before we fly off to battle.

From there we will head in an easterly to south easterly direction, across the big blue ocean to the united states of america. Los Angeles to be exact. We will start our invasion there although we are expecting heavy opposition from airport security plus those angry americans who dont like us australians.

From there, providing we survive the initial assault we will then depart los angeles on an american airline (Never fear, the pilots are our allie's so we should be safe) to Pittsberg, Pensylvania where we will hopefully meet our contact who will lead us to the hotel which is where the battle will begin.

Now as this is a rather large assault you should be warned that men will die..........which renders the rest of us safe as we a furrys Smile (bad i know but hey it was 5:08am when i wrote this)

Upcoming details regarding this trip will be scatterd through this site as to confuse the enemy's decoders.

We are still a long way off yet ladys and gents but make every moment count between now and then

Bye for now

Your fearless but not so fearless leader

Linx Husky

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Lead Coordinator

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The Battle Plan thus far Empty Re: The Battle Plan thus far

Post  Keio on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:42 am

Keep an eye out on the Trip Info forum for information specific to our trip...
Likewise, keep an eye on the General Info forum for information about Pittsburgh, customs, and Anthrocon in general!

At the moment (July 2011) we are really just gathering vague expressions of interest and as much information as we can, we will start locking in information a little closer to the event.

Have any questions? Ask me/linx!
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Webmaster / Coordinator

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